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The Booking Process

Let’s start by having a chat on the phone, via Skype or email. We can then agree a fee and timescale, which will usually be next day.

Then you email over your script and we can discuss style, pace, tone as well as any difficult pronunciations and anywhere special emphasis is required.

If requested I will then record a version for your approval and send it over. Once everything is agreed and we are both on the same page I will record and edit a final version and send it to you.

Generally, fees and usage for commercials are based on British Actors Equity rates. The same applies for narration. But I am also happy to discuss the fee to accommodate your budget. Using a talent you can trust to work on his own will represent a saving on studio fees and a sound engineer.

If its only a tiny job I am pretty flexible. Especially for valued clients!

Despite all checks, if for any reason there is a mistake in a reading, this will be fixed for no charge. If your client wants an emphasis or a word or two changed, there will be a small “fix it” fee.

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